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  1. Doing back office work and getting tip – that is great. Thanks to my manager who created account for our company with tiponline. I love my job 😊 Thank you guys.

    Carter, Customer service representative
  2. I have online blog and share with my experience with people. You know sometimes I ask people to support me, and you can do it with different ways one of them is tiponlie.ca widget which I put on my webpage. I like it and can advice other bloggers to do the same. Thanks!

    John, Blogger
  3. Yesterday in a cafe I used your service for the first time. I wanted to tip the waiter for the decent service at our table, but there was no cash with me. The young man offered to do it by QR code. I just scanned the qr-code and paid. Very convenient and cool.

    Madeline, Restaurant client
  4. It's so nice to log into your account after a working day and check how many tips came to the balance 😊

    Robert, Bartender
  5. Honestly, tips are always given to me in small bills, and there can be a lot of them, which is not very convenient. But now all the funds go to the balance, and this is unrealistically convenient, thank you, Tiponline.

    Advik, Delivery
  6. I started getting more tips as your online service was introduced. Customers just love to tip me online, I love it :)

    Cooper, Car mechanic
  7. I work for company, and assembly furniture, before your service I used receive my tips thru tech company app and I did not know how much money I earned, sometimes they did not even show the tip and earning separately now I use tiponline services and i am delighted with it. Thank you!

    Chris, Furniture assembly
  8. I have been working in the catering industry for over 2 years, and always had a problem with getting tips from customers , now I solved this issue with tiponline.ca. The fact that I can get tips directly to my account without intermediaries makes me happy.

    Laura, Waitress
  9. Working as a courier, it is very inconvenient to receive small bills as a tip, as I am constantly on the move and I can lose. But the online service allows you to receive non-cash in real time and immediately. Ideally :)

    Rajesh, Courier
  10. I have been in a taxi drive for 3,5 years, before I used to get tips thru rideshare apps or in cash. But once one of my riders told me about tiponline. ca and I liked it. Now my personalized QR code for getting tips online is an everywhere in my car)) I started to love sound text notification with tips))

    Tony, Taxi driver
  11. I used to get a tip once a week because of the rules of my company. Now I get daily directly to my balance, it gives me inspiration to work better :)

    Tatjana, Nails master
  12. Every day I ride a bicycle 15 km working as a courier and it is not convenient to take a lot of personal things with me. I always put tips either in my pocket or in my wallet, which is inconvenient. But now everything is on the phone, it's just perfect

    Abegunde, Delivery

Why you need tiponline

  • 23 min.

    average wait time for placing order in restaurants

  • 72%

    of customers pay for services by credit or debit card

  • 53%

    of receivers know exactly how much money did the customer leave as the tip

  • 5days

    it takes to get money to your bank account

Tiponline.ca is a unique service that helps companies and individuals to get/send tips online.

How to integrate

You can choose the way that suits you most - all of them are easy to integrate and efficient for getting tips!

For making online orders, payments and tipping, your customer does not have to download the app or register. It is enough to point the camera at the QR code / click on the button on the widget / click on the link in the text.

  • Connect with API

    You just need to integrate Tiponline API into the your CRM system, send text with a link to the customer for online tipping.

    Good for whom: for companies with call centers and back offices. Each staff member will have their own account.

  • Scan QR code

    Create and print your own QR code, put it on any visible surface, even to your website or download it to your smartphone.

    Good for whom: for all types of business specially for self-employed and small businesses (restaurants, hotels, mechanicals, waiters, chefs, guides, barbers etc.)

  • Button or widget

    Create a widget with a link. Copy url and put a widget on your website. This way of getting tips is good for online services.

    Good for whom: for all websites. Your website user will be able to see each staff member's name and position.



  • Register, make 5 transactions and get 10$ to your account! (limited time offer)

  • Invite a friend and get $5. If he makes 5 transactions - get another $5!

  • Share the bonuses together!
    Get cashback for tipping with Tiponline.ca!

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Tipping service
3.49% + $0.3 from deposit
  • Easily create account and accept tips
  • Transparency of transactions
  • Tracking tips
  • History payments and withdraws
  • Low commission and no hidden fees
  • Immediate withdrawal
  • Different methods of connection

Frequently asked questions

What is Tiponline.ca?

Tiponline.ca is a unique service that helps companies and specialists to get/send tip online by creating your own QR code, adding TipOnline widget to your website or integrated Tiponline API to CRM system.Tiponline is the service which helps to get tips and gratuities directly to reseivers' bank accounts, track payments and transaction history, it helps to withdraw money fast.

Why should I use this?

TipOnline is the first service that has unlimited transactions, doesn't have any hidden fees and time/amount limits for withdrawal of your tips.

What are TipOnline fees?

We provide transparent and high quality service. Our price policy is very democtatic. We have same price policy for everybody:10% from the deposit. $5 & under is 7.99%+$0.3

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe to receive money to TipOnline account, we only work with proven payment systems.

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw your tips, you just need to fill in the profile with the necessary data. Registered user have to put correct bank information for guaranteed withdraw.

How does a referral program work?

Referral program as the part of marketing strategy allows new and old users to get more benefits with tiponline.ca. We have several promotions: Register, make 5 transactions and get 10$ to your account (limited time offer). Invite a friend and get $5. If he makes 5 transactions - get another $5. Share the bonuses together! Get cashback for tipping with TipOnline.ca!

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